Thursday, April 16, 2009

Update from Arkansas!

It's about that time! I finally remembered my password to update this thing! haha! I wanted to upload some pictures of our big family trip we took for christmas/new years! My grandma took us all to Maui and it was so unbeleivable! When we left I cried because I knew where I was coming back too and beleive me, once you go to maui you will NEVER want to leave.

We stayed in this house on a private beach and every morning you would wake up to eat breakfast and there would be 3 whales jumping in and out of the water. We had a lemon tree in our yard and everyday we would go pick some fresh lemons for lemonade :-D YUMMY! I just wanted to upload some pictures... I figured it was about time! Enjoy :-)

The 1st picture is of Banyan and I. The 2nd is of this tree called a Rainbow Eucaluptus (it looks fake! But it's real ;-) ) The 3rd is one with the whole family! The 4th is double rainbows. And the 5th is just some of around the island!

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Zoticus said...

Wow! Wow! Wow!What a beautiful picture of you and Banyan and all the others too! So glad your back in blog world, I always enjoy reading your sweet comments and look forward to seeing more pictures of you all! How's does your garden grow? Got any pics yet?